Back to the Beginning

An ex convict (Erick Montalvo) after completing a 6 year conviction gets rehabilitated into society and decides to raise a family. His wife (Michelle Montalvo) becomes pregnant unexpectedly at the worst time of their life. Among many situations and economic problems, their lives become unbearable. The story thickens when his child is born prematurely and with a number of conditions requiring a surgery costing more than 120 thousand dollars. Erick loses control and out of desperation decides to do one last job to takes him“

PROTAGONISTAS: Jorge Alberti, Natalia Rivera, Ricardo Rivera


DIRECTOR: David Aponte Págan
PRODUCTOR: Ramón Mangles
ESCRITOR: David Aponte, César Farrait
SINOPSIS: Un ex-convicto trata de enderezar su vida, pero todos los elementos a su alrededor le empujan de vuelta al inicio de todo lo que quiere dejar atrás.